October 1, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Grand slams by the Nationals

Home run expert Bruce Orser was intrigued by my summary of walk-off home runs hit by Washington Nationals players yesterday, and asked me how many grand slams they have hit. Good question! So, I pored through my game-by-game tabulations, and came up with an answer: 15. Here they are, in chronological order.

* = 9th inning
@ = away game

Phillies, Rockies clinch

After the second-place Atlanta Braves were defeated by the third-place Florida Marlins last night, the Philadelphia Phillies clinched the NL Eastern Division, as expected. I saw a video clip of the post-game celebrations in the clubhouse, and concluded that they and other teams are getting carried away with all the champagne-drenching festivities. If you want to whoop it up that much, why not wait until you have at least won the league pennant?

This afternoon, the Colorado Rockies nailed down at least the NL Wild Card slot, beating the Milwaukee Brewers. If they sweep the Dodgers in Los Angeles this weekend, they will take the NL Western Division for the first time ever. And so, the Braves are left out of post-season contention once again, which means they won't be as motivated in the series against the Nationals that is just getting underway.