January 1, 2010 [LINK / comment]

2009: the year in photos

In virtually all the various places which I visited during the past year, I brought my Nikon digital camera with me to record all the sights in exquisite, colorful detail. It's hard to imagine how I ever got along without it. In February, I took a group of students on a field trip to cameraRichmond, which was a big success that I hope to duplicate this coming semester. At the end of July I visited cameraWashington D.C. (and also Baltimore), on the first leg of my long-distance journey through the cameraMidwest (broadly defined to include Ohio and Kentucky), en route to cameraColorado, where I saw many camerawild birds, including nine (9) "life birds" (i.e., the first time for me). Finally, the snow we had cameralast month provided a great opportunity to take some pictures of the scenery and architectural treasures right here in Staunton. The photo montage below summarizes the above travels in highly condensed form.

And so, I have updated the main cameraPhoto Gallery page. I also added a "new" cameraAutumn 2009 photo gallery, but the photos on it are actually a few months old.

Montage 2009

CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT: Virginia Senate, Goldfinch, Clark's nutcracker, Hunt Hall at Mary Baldwin College, Red Rock Lake and some kind of moth (or butterfly?) in Colorado, and in the center, Emmanuel Episcopal Church with the new copper roof. (cameraCamera icons above denote dynamic rollover effects; roll the mouse over that image to restore the 2009 montage.)

Happy "Binary" New Year!