January 27, 2010 [LINK / comment]

iPad: Apple does it again!

With Apple, you can never tell for sure how much of the hype is real, so today's big announcement of the iPad by Steve Jobs needs to be weighed against hands-on experience. No matter, if it even comes close to delivering on the promise, it will be worth the $499 price. Jacqueline and I are now arguing which of us is going to buy it first! If I understand correctly, however, the product will not be available in retail stores for 60 more days, and even that depends on approval from the Federal Communications Commission. See apple.com

Always up-to-the-minute with current pop culture trends, Doonesbury has been making fun of the new gizmo all week, recalling the similar satirical slams against Apple's hand-held device from the 1990s, before Steve Jobs returned. (What was that thing called?)

Memory upgrade

Coincidentally, I upgraded the memory in my iMac this evening, from the original 1 gigabyte of RAM to 3 gigabytes. Fortunately, inserting the RAM card into the slot underneath my iMac wasn't as hard as when I upgraded the memory on my old (2001) iMac. To my consternation, the first couple times I booted up I got error messages, but everything seems OK now. My productivity at home has lagged lately, because I am always running several applications at once, each of which has several windows open. (For my Mail program, there are dozens of unanswered message windows open! frown) I also purchased Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard," which requires additional RAM, so now I can install it.