March 22, 2010 [LINK / comment]

Nationals Park drive-by shooting

Photo shooting, that is. I happened to be in Our Nation's Capital over the weekend (!), and of course made time to stop by Nationals Park Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals. On the way there, I stopped at a park on the south bank of the Anacostia River, from whence the photo below was taken. It's striking how the steps and entry "gap" on the first base side align perfectly with the boat house, which will some day be the site of a water taxi service. There's plenty of unused land along the the Anacostia River, and it's a shame that the D.C. government can't help fund a new soccer stadium in that area, as the MLS D.C. United franchise has requested. At Nationals Park itself, I noticed a couple details that had I hadn't paid heed to before, so it was a good opportunity for a quick diagram fixup. For the time being, I have left the previous version of my suggested alternative intact, so that you may see exactly what has changed.

Nationals Park across river

Nationals Park across the Anacostia River in Washington. Click to see the full-size photo.

Chase Field pix

But that's not all! Marco Trejo recently sent me a batch of excellent photos from Chase Field, so I have added three of them to that page. That means that the pages for all major league stadiums in recent use now have photographs on them, so I'm much obliged to Marco for helping me to complete that coverage. I also received some photos from a fan in Minneapolis who took a tour of soon-to-open Target Field; stay tuned!

Ballpark news

In The Bronx, demolition at Old Yankee Stadium is progressing at a rapid clip, and not much is left of the upper deck, and you can see some photos at:; hat tip to Mike Zurawski.

In Miami, construction on the future Marlins stadium is progressing at a rapid clip, and you can see some photos at:; hat tip to Bruce Orser.