David Steinle, Russell, KS -- Jul 07, 2010 15:44 PM
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Went to a weekend series vs. Kansas City the first year the stadium opened. I was working for the Astros' Triple-A affiliate at the time, so my dad, brother and I got freebies near the Astros dugout. The stadium is impressive. You would like to see the left field fence be a little farther away, but the fans seem to love the short home runs it produces. Tal's Hill was a great idea, and it's funny to see the outfielders falling up and down the hill. The concession choices were expansive, but prices were a little steep. Think what you may of what became of Enron, the original corporate sponsor of the stadium, but this is a huge upgrade from the Astrodome. I would love to go back.

Joseph Johnston, Covington, LA -- May 05, 2018 13:58 PM
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Yankees at Astros May 2, 2015. Lots of fellow Yankee fans in their Yankee apparel. I wanted to see the roof open, but they closed it due to 85-degree heat. However, we were comfortable, dry, and mosquito-free, so all was well. Beautiful ballpark; picturesque and unique without contrivances. The ideal domed stadium due to the windowed area and view over LF wall. We toured the park before the game. The guide noted the absence of Talís Hill in CF. We were in the lower deck stands down the LF line. The stands were angled well so we didnít have to crane our necks to see the action. Verlander pitched 8 shutout innings for Houston, throwing 105 pitches before leaving. Astros bullpen fell apart in 9th and Sanchez hit a 3-run homer to CF where Tal's Hill used to be. Another run scored; Yankees 4-0. It took several Yankee pitchers to throw a shutout. Great game!

Joseph Johnston, Covington, LA -- May 14, 2018 09:59 AM
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Typo above. It was May 1, 2018, not May 2, 2015.