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Andrew Clem, Staunton, VA -- Sep 08, 2006 16:09 PM
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After a lot of persuading, I managed to gain entrance to this stadium while I was visiting Nicaragua in February 2005. The grounds crew was busy cleaning up a huge mess left by a big crowd attending an evangelical revival the previous night, and the crew didn't want me taking any inside pictures that would make their ballpark look bad. That was perfectly understandable. Without photographs, however, I had to make mental notes about the layout, so the diagram above is less accurate than usual. I was surprised that the roof extends all the way to the front row (of the original layout), and yet there are no supporting beams. I counted 18 rows of seats, plus a press box / luxury suite in the area behind home plate. The inclined light towers resemble similar ones in Havana's Estadio Latinoamericano, so I suspect they may have been built by Cuban engineers during the Sandinista era (1978-1990).

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