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Scott S, Mechanicsburg, PA -- Aug 28, 2007 04:23 AM
1 visit(s). My rating: 5
I was only here once (a three game series). Many Blue Jays offensive records still stand from this series. It also was the same series that Cal Ripken's consecutive inning streak came to a halt, and his brother Billy suffered an ankle injury. The place was no Taj Mahal, but I kinda liked it....the Blue Jays song during the 7th inning stretch sticks in my head 'til this day!

Zach LaFleur, Fowlerville, MI -- Dec 02, 2014 12:00 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 1
This place was sort of like the old Bennett Park that we used to have in Detroit from 1896 to 1911, only in a modern building that could seat up to 54000 people (of which only 43000 plus seats were viewable from for baseball)! Andrew, I like your hypothetical alternative (why didn't the Blue Jays and their construction company rebuild this park in this way, instead of that haphazard job that they did for them to start the 1977 season)? That is why SkyDome was built, because Toronto's weather can get quite cold in April and September and October (which was extravagant at the time, but seems a little outdated since 1992)! I have seen quite a few games there (as well as at SkyDome) on TV and wondered what were they thinking when they rebuilt Exhibition Stadium? Even Olympic Stadium and Veterans Stadium (as bad as the site lines could be at each place) were a lot better than this place!

Ron J, Toronto, CN -- Feb 08, 2015 17:29 PM
10 visit(s). My rating: 7
Went to many games here. Lived within walking distance, usually got grandstand outfield seats, $2.00, but a grocery chain would sell them for a dollar. Terrible configuration for baseball, but a fun era nonetheless. In the early days there was tons of room in the grandstand, by the mid-late 80s you had to get there early or else be way out beyond the outfield fence. First base to RF line seats were benches, with empty spots ruled by late inning seagulls. Concessions were basic but decent, cheap in those days. No beer for several years and even then it was mostly foamy swill. The stadium wasn't huge, no upper deck so getting in and out was easy. Regardless of the weird setup this place gave great memories to people in Toronto. Being on the Exhibition grounds made it fun because the CNE fair would be there for three weeks in late summer. Great atmosphere seeing the ferris wheel and midway lights at a night game.

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