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Dusty B, Bellevue, WA -- Apr 23, 2008 18:09 PM
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Growing up an M's fan in the 90's, the Kingdome was the center of the action. I always remembered walking into the dome and seeing that ultra-green astro-turf. The park always had that cozy sort of feel to it. It was big, but not huge like Safeco Field is now. During the existence of the Kingdome, there would hang from the top of the dome, a set of enormous speakers. I always wondered whether they got hit by a ball. After a Mariners win, fireworks would come bursting from above the speakers. I have some pretty fond memories of growing up in the ugly wart on Seattle's skyline they call the kingdome, but none top them all, than 'the double', when Gar ripped a shot into the leftfield corner, scoring Joey, Griffey and bringing the fans to chant "raise the roof" once more. I can still hear Dave Niehaus' call on the radio today...

Thomas Childers, Bothell, WA -- Aug 10, 2010 11:53 AM
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My first trip to the Kingdome was on my 13th birthday. It was the same day that Kurt Cobain's body was found at his home in Seattle. Now, I had no idea who this guy was, I was more concerned with my birthday trip to the Space Needle and a ballgame with my parents and best friend. The first thing that hit me was how big this place was. And how very gray. I have only a passing interest in baseball but the Dome was a exciting place to watch a game and it was easy to get caught up in it. I still remember the '95 season and Refuse to Lose! One time at a game Ken Griffey Jr. hit a homerun that landed just a few rows behind us. Just a very intense place to watch a game. Times change and as other teams were building more retro stadia, Seattle decided to follow suit and upgraded to Safeco Field. I remember watching the Kingdome's implosion on tv and felt rather sad about it.

Avery Endler, Miami, FL -- Mar 10, 2013 13:13 PM
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Growing up in Seattle as a kid,my Dad would take me here for almost every home game!I remember the first time I walked into the Kingdome.I was going to a Seahawks football game ,and as we were walking up to it I asked my Dad if they played baseball here.He said yes and as soon as I stepped foot in it,I saw how green the turf was,I knew they played baseball there because of the bright green turf.Next,I looked up on the roof and saw a BIG swarm of speakers in the middle of the roof.Out of all the 'cookie-cutter' ballparks of that age,I loved the Kingdome the most.

Chris Richards, Anchorage , # -- Nov 23, 2014 06:07 AM
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The Kingdome was the first big league stadium I saw a Major League game in. I was impressed by the size of the place and the height of the roof. The upper deck (300 level) was very steep and I nearly fainted during my attempt to ascent to the top row. By 1993, the USS Mariner was a distant memory and instead of American League team pennants on the outfield walls, the walls were plain. Indoor fireworks after a Mariner home run and wins were cool. I do know that it was before the 1992 season that the upper deck was expanded near the DiamondVision scoreboard. Safeco Field is decent, but in some ways it doesn't have the quaintness the Kingdome of all places. The Kingdome may be considered a dump but you went there to see games whereas other places today you go to games to hang out and be seen where the actual game is an afterthought.

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