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Dan Clem, Omaha, NE -- Sep 04, 2006 10:42 AM
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I saw a few games at Mile High during those first couple-few seasons that the Rockies played there. They really packed 'em in too - I believe that they set MLB season attendance records during their first and possibly second years of home play. As I remember, they sold out quite a few games, which is pretty impressive for a 70,000+ seat venue. The high ticket sales led the Coors Stadium designers to change that stadium's design midway through the project (I seem to remember that they added or expanded the left field upper deck, to add another couple thousand seats). At any rate, I saw maybe 5 or 10 Rockies games at the old Mile High stadium. I usually tried to get tickets behind first or third base, and enjoyed these views well enough. I saw one game against the Braves with my brother Chris, where we witnessed an inside-the-park home run, a grand slam, a balk that scored a run, and probably a couple of other highlights, all in the same game. And I almost caught a foul ball, except that it was coming at me fast and I chickened out at the last minute and let it go over my head (no glove!)

Miguel S, aurora, CO -- Nov 21, 2007 16:00 PM
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For a stadium primarily intended for football, this was a pretty good place to see a baseball game. The stands were close to the action, and the crowds were enthusiastic. Mile High normally sat 76,273, but ticket demand for opening day prompted the installation of temporary bleachers in center feild, boosting capacity to more than 80,000. Demand remained steady and the extra bleachers remained in use throughout the first season. This was the first stadium in which I ever viewed a baseball game and I'll always have fond memories of it. While a bit off topic, it should be noted that this was an outstanding football stadium. (much better than the fancier new Mile High) the seats started about 10-15 feet or so behind the sidelines, giving the fans incredibly close viewing and enhancing the sound levels (for which a guinness world record was set, an event I am proud to say I participated in). It didn't have all of the creature comforts (in the south stand bleachers, your seat back was the knees of the guy behind you and you were as likely as not to have beer spilled on you at some point during the game) or concessions, but it was a heck of a place to watch a football or baseball game.

Carl VonSeggern, Idaho Springs , CO -- Aug 23, 2008 15:43 PM
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When I was less than 10 years old, my dad and I attended Denver Bears baseball games. The ball park was in it's orginal single deck configuration. My next experience there was a few years later attending Denver Broncos football games with a friend who had season tickets in the south stands (end zone) of what then had become Mile High Stadium. I remember an older gentleman that sat in front of us on those south stand bleachers, who pinched his finger everytime he opened his stadium seat (claimed it bit him), and soothed his pain from the hip flask he carried in his back pocket. He greeted everyone who came up the stairs to our section with a hearty "welcome sportsfans!". Next, my new wife and I attended Denver Zephyrs minor league baseball games there...and our final visit was for a Colorado Rockies...Los Angeles Dodgers game.

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