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Kris Stull, Lake Mills, WI -- Mar 13, 2008 21:18 PM
10 visit(s). My rating: 8
I love this stadium. Not sure why, but it made me feel like I was 7 yrs. old again going to my first game. Yes the Terrace (upper deck) has some railing obstructions. Mainly if you sit out towards the aisles. But the field level bleachers in right were awesome. The Loge level is probably the best level I have sat in. Looking forward to my fist opening day at this stadium this year. Only negative thing I can say. Wish they would have brought the big beer barrel over from County Stadium.

John G, Boston , MA -- Apr 11, 2009 11:25 AM
1 visit(s). My rating: 9
I went in 2007 and I thought it was the nicest stadium. All of the park was clean, the ushers were nice, and they ended up closing the roof when it got cold. I would like to see a college football bowl game here in the future.

Matthew Schaefer, Sheboygan, WI -- Jun 15, 2009 20:27 PM
10 visit(s). My rating: 9
Every time that I walk into this stadium, it feels like my first time. The roof at Miller is probably its best feature, as fans do not have to worry if its going to rain. The atmosphere here is amazing, as there is plenty of parking space to tailgate-brats are a requirement. Bernie Brewer's slide, now equipped with a landing that sprays water high in the air when Bernie lands, adds to the environment. The famous Racing Sausages still race every 7th inning stretch, awesome (only in Wisconsin...). My most recent game was my first Brewers-Cubs game on Mother's Day 2009. The Cubs won, but the Crew took the series. The roof has paid off for the Crew, as it can snow well into April in Wisconsin. I like that Miller has been able to serve other teams during weather problems, although I believe that Miller could've sold out on the Cubs at Houston game played here, as Miller only opened the first two decks, unfortunately the Cubs got an extra home game and won, and true Brewer fans never like a win from the Cubs. GO BREW CREW!!!

John J, Vinton, IA -- Jul 10, 2009 13:57 PM
4 visit(s). My rating: 7
Milwaukee isn't my favorite places to see a game, but of the Midwest stadiums it's close. Baseball has taken off in Milwaukee, and it seems like every time I've gone the stadium has been full. And Milwaukee's fans aren't bad either - not as good as St. Louis, but not as bad as others. Be sure to sit in the lower deck - the upper decks seem far away. We travel with someone handicapped, and the staff has been above average with him.

Ben F, Cincinnati, OH -- Aug 01, 2010 22:20 PM
2 visit(s). My rating: 8
This has to be the 2nd best stadium I have ever been too (behind Yankee Stadium). The park was clean when I was there, and every Brewer fan is into the game. However, the design did seem a little cramped. The big arc in the outfield left me feeling claustrophobic when I walked behind the batter's eye to right field. The funniest feature is Bernie's Dugout, the big slide. When I was there, a Redleg hit the slide with a HR. Overall, it's a great, comfortable park!

J Rodriguez, Chicago, IL -- Sep 22, 2010 16:43 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 7
Overall a good facility that I would not mind seeing the Cubs play at for 1-2 seasons while Wrigley is upgraded or rebuilt. Maybe with the several Big East schools (Villanova) thinking about adding D-1 football, Marquette Univ. should look into using Miller Park as its home football field.

Sebastian P, Eagle Lake, MN -- Jun 25, 2012 08:52 AM
1 visit(s). My rating: 5
I havent been here,(i hope someday)but i was watching a video and i noticed the cubs were playing the astros here.does anybody know why?

Lincoln Glab, Hume, MO -- Apr 15, 2016 19:36 PM
4 visit(s). My rating: 6
Nice stadium. The most I can really say about it is the cool roof and the nice clean, new feel of it. Everybody is very friendly, from the parking lot attendants to the concession people. Other than the huge fan roof, there is not really a whole lot to say about the stadium though. No view from the bowl, even though the outfield wall is glass, you don't see anything but the hill across 94. Sight lines are great for the game and it is easy to get around, going to the bathroom, concessions, etc. But not my favorite place to see a game.

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