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Zach LaFleur, Fowlerville, MI -- Feb 19, 2015 17:04 PM
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While since this place existed before my time, I had never been to a game here before! My one question is this: when they added on to the ballpark for major league use, why did they not upper deck (or two, or three) the main grandstand and bleachers down the foul lines? Adding all of this outfield bleacher space (that was uncovered in a rainy climate) was this place's main downfall! The other was the out of date plumbing that was never upgraded for two to three times the people attending games here!

Andrew Pelto, Arlington, TX -- Apr 18, 2020 17:41 PM
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In response to Zach Lafleur's question, the Pilots and Royals were supposed to enter the AL in 1971. Kansas City had a stadium ready to go, so the Missouri governor pressured the AL to put both teams in immediately. So the two years that would/should have gone into improving Sicks instead turned into a matter of months. Even the limited improvements they were able to make were slow. On Opening Day as the game was starting, construction crews were still finishing, literally nailing in a row of bleachers, then allowing in a row's worth of fans to sit there, adding another row and allowing another row's worth to enter, and going on and on until it got done.

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