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Jacqueline and I lived in Blacksburg from January through December 2001, while I taught at Virginia Tech and finished my dissertation. This page is a substantially revised version of the one that was originally posted on our old ( Web site nearly in early 2002. All of the photos have been digitally enhanced.


Burruss Hall, the main administrative building at Virginia Tech. It exemplifies the limestone with which nearly all of the buildings on the central campus are built.

Burruss Hall

The Virginia Tech library.

Virginia Tech library

A view of "downtown" Blacksburg from the ridge along the north side of town, showing some of the buildings at Virginia Tech.

Downtown Blacksburg

Lane Stadium, home of the Virginia Tech Hokies, from the northeast side. In 2003 or so, a new bleacher section was built on the east end, blocking the view from the outside. Compare this to the view from the southeast side, taken in January 2006.

Lane Stadium

This extravagant "bridge of future" is part of the yet-unopened experimental "smart highway" a few miles northeast of Blacksburg.

New River

The New River, five or so miles south of Blacksburg.

New River

Mountain Lake, a beautiful resort located about 20 miles northwest of Blacksburg. It is one of only two natural lakes in Virginia, and at an elevation of over 4,000 feet it is one of the highest lakes in the eastern U.S.A. The resort was the setting for the movie "Dirty Dancing," starring Patrick Swayze.

Mountain Lake

View to the east from the apartment complex where we used to live. Paris Mountain lies on the other side of the North Fork of the Roanoke River, which drains into the Atlantic Ocean, whereas the New River is part of the Mississippi Basin and drains into the Gulf of Mexico. On the slope to the left there are usually two horses grazing.

Fall mountains

Jacqueline at Pandapas Pond, one of our favorite places to go hiking.

Pandapas Pond

In December 2001, Jacqueline and I joined Josep and Montserrat, our friends from Spain, and drove down to the quaint town of Floyd, VA, which is a mecca for bluegrass musicians and counterculture hippies. You can't beat the $2 cover charge at the Floyd Country Store.

Floyd Jamboree