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Rainbow vertical photo

Click on section headings hand point down to open and close the photo menus, click on camera icons (camera) to see each photo, and then click on the photos to toggle size. Panoramas are below.

St. Mary's Wilderness montage

hand point down January: South Dakota

hand point down February: Washington, D.C. & Richmond, VA

hand point down April: Misc.

hand point down May: Misc.

hand point down June: Northern Virginia, Charlottesville

Clockwise from top left: Red-spotted Purple butterfly, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Periodical Cicada, unknown wildflower, Mountain Laurels in bloom, unknown spiny caterpillar, unknown butterfly, and in the middle, a Black-throated Blue Warbler and and unknown bracket mushroom, similar in size and shape to the "Chicken Mushroom," but bright red.

"Between Power and Poverty: A Study of Political-Economic Adaptation and the Autonomy of Emerging Nation-States, With Special Reference to Peru" (January 2002).

Students and faculty joined to protest the ouster of University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan, who was meeting at that time with the Board of Visitors in the Rotunda. She was reinstated June 26.

hand point down July: Virginia, South Dakota, etc.

hand point down August 2nd: SD ~ 7th: IN, MI, OH ~ 11th: VA

camera Notre Dame Stadium, South Bend, Indiana, August 7.

camera Univ. of Notre Dame Main Hall camera Jordan Hall

camera Ceiling art camera camera camera Columbus paintings, Main Hall

camera camera camera Sacred Heart Basilica, Notre Dame.

camera Jesus statue camera Golden dome, Notre Dame.

camera camera Hillsdale College, Michigan, August 7.

camera camera camera Southern Michigan, August 7.

camera Progressive Field camera Cleveland skyline, August 7.

hand point down September: Romney-Ryan rally

hand point down October: Romney-Ryan rally

hand point down November: Insect, aphids

hand point down December: Mistletoe

Panoramic views

camera John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (Feb. 10)

camera U.S. Cellular Field from the east (Interstate 90/94), in Chicago, July 19.

camera Spirit Mound, South Dakota, from afar on Highway 19, July 26.

camera Countryside near Galena, Illinois, Aug. 6.

camera Notre Dame Stadium, South Bend, Indiana, Aug. 7.

camera Cleveland skyline (Progressive Field on the right), Aug. 7.

Missouri River ice from Ponca State Park Rainbow