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Rainbow vertical photo

Click on section headings hand point down to open and close the photo menus, click on camera icons (camera) to see each photo, and then click on the photos to toggle size. Panoramas are below.

Snowy Mountain, silo & barn

hand point down January: Highland County, Washington, D.C.

hand point down February: none

hand point down March 23rd: Schuyler, etc. 28th: Lynchburg, etc.

hand point down April: Staunton, Lynchburg, etc.

hand point down May: Sweet Briar College, etc.

hand point down June Washington DC, Shen. Nat. Park, etc.

hand point down July Blue Ridge & nearby areas

hand point down August: Charlottesville, Washington DC

hand point down September 5th-28th: Misc. | 23rd Washington DC

hand point down October: Blue Ridge

hand point down November: Blue Ridge

hand point down December: Trip to South Dakota

camera Chicago O'Hare airport Terminal B. (Dec. 26)

camera Iowa snow, from jet. (Dec. 26)

camera Train, ethanol tanker cars, Vermillion. (Dec. 27)

camera Missouri River ice, from bridge to Nebraska. (Dec. 28)

camera camera Ponca downtown, post office. (Dec. 28)

camera camera Ponca State Park visitors center, monoliths. (Dec. 28)

camera Missouri River bridge at dusk. (Dec. 28)

Panoramic views

camera Lynchburg downtown, James River. (Apr. 11)

camera CVCC campus, from Liberty Mountain. (Apr. 16)

camera Nationals Park panorama. Top row, L to R: Ryan Zimmerman, Roger Bernadina, Gio Gonzalez, Ian Desmond, Jayson Werth.
Second row, L to R: Adam LaRoche, Anthony Rendon, Kurt Suzuki, Denard Span, Rafael Soriano. Far right: David Givens & Andrew Clem (June 8)

camera Massanutten "Mountain" (ridge, perhaps?) panorama, from Baldface Mountain overlook, showing the town of Elkton and Route 33 in the lower left (July 6)

camera Sweet Briar College panorama. (Sept. 2)

Lynchburg downtown, James River Rainbow