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Rainbow vertical photo

Click on section headings hand point down to open and close the photo menus, click on camera icons (camera) to see each photo, and then click on the photos to toggle size. Panoramas are below.

Photo gallery

hand point down January: Pipeline protest

hand point down February: Bridgewater and Sweet Briar College

hand point down March: Fleetwood Mac, Bridgewater College

hand point down April: Sweet Briar College

hand point down May: Washington DC

hand point down June 27: Grand Caverns

hand point down July 7: DC | 18-20: PA, NY, Can. | 20-30: Midwest

hand point down August 1st-8th: South Dakota | 10th Missouri

hand point down September: Music events, Sweet Briar, DC

hand point down October: Fall views

hand point down November: Staunton, Seth Meyers!

hand point down December 10: Misc. | 23-30: Train to SD | 31: Return

camera Staunton train station. | camera Inside train.

camera Clifton Forge, Virginia train station.

camera Train, tracks near Gary, Indiana. (Dec. 24)

camera Chicago: U.S. Cellular Field | camera camera city skyline

camera camera Chicago Union Station Great Hall

camera South Dakota: Another Vermillion sunrise (Dec. 27)

camera Vermillion City Hall | camera Snow, mail box (Dec. 30)


camera The east side of Sweet Briar College, snow. (Feb. 23)

camera Bridgewater College west panorama. (Apr. 23)

camera Niagara Falls (Horseshoe), Canada. (July 19)

camera Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions since 2002. (July 20)

camera Detroit skyline from Comerica Park. (July 20)

camera Michigan Stadium, home of the Wolverines since 1927, Ann Arbor, MI. (July 21)

camera Chicago skyline from U.S. Cellular Field. (July 21)

camera Memorial Stadium, home of the Cornhuskers since 1923, Lincoln, NE. (July 25)

camera Edward Jones Dome, home of the former St. Louis Rams, 1995-2015. (Aug. 10)

camera Busch Stadium III, home of the St. Louis Cardinals since 2006. (Aug. 10)

Busch Stadium III from Arch panorama Rainbow