Andrew home Photo gallery Birds of Costa Rica
(Second batch), Feb. 2005

All photos were taken with a Canon ZR65MC digital video camera. Nearly all of the ones on this page are freeze frame images extracted from digital video clips, as indicated by "(VIDEO)." The rest were taken in still image mode.

San Jose (the capital city!)

SUMMER TANAGER (Feb. 14) in San Jose, one block from Kap's Place. TRUTH IN WEB PUBLISHING: This photo has been digitally retouched. To see the authentic original version, just roll the mouse over it. (VIDEO)

RUFOUS-COLLARED SPARROW, San Jose - near Kap's Place (Mar. 2). They have a delightful, loud, melodic song, and are very common and widespread in Costa Rica. We have also seen them in Peru. (VIDEO)

TROPICAL KINGBIRD, San Jose (Mar. 2). These are also very common and widespread in Costa Rica. (VIDEO)

INCA DOVE, San Jose (Mar. 2). We have seen these in Mexico and Peru. Good camouflage! (VIDEO)

Poas Volcano (central region)

SOOTY-CAPPED BUSH-TANAGER, Poas Volcano (Feb. 16). This guy was taking a bath in a puddle at the edge of the parking lot next to the visitor center. (VIDEO)

BLACK-BILLED NIGHTINGALE-THRUSH, Poas Volcano (Feb. 16). Another bather at the same place! (VIDEO)

BLACK-COWLED ORIOLE, Poas Volcano (Feb. 16). (VIDEO)

La Paz Waterfall Gardens (central region)

VIOLET SABERWING, La Paz Waterfall (Feb. 16). After excruciating minutes waiting for other people to get out of the way, I was able to take a brief video clip of this conspicuously-plumaged hummer. To see this beauty from a different angle, roll the mouse over the image. (VIDEO)

new TENNESSEE WARBLER, La Paz Waterfall (Feb. 16). These are common in parts of Virginia during migration season, but they usually stay high in the trees. This was a rare close-up view for me. (VIDEO)


Playa de Cacao, near Golfito (southwest)

CLAY-COLORED ROBIN, Playa de Cacao (Feb. 19). It is striking how much these relatives behave and sound like our American robins. (VIDEO)

SCARLET-RUMPED TANAGER (F), Playa de Cacao. (Feb. 18). It's interesting that the female has more color on the breast than the male, which is all black on top and in front. (VIDEO)

STREAKED FLYCATCHERS (?), Playa de Cacao (Feb. 19).

SPOTTED SANDPIPER (Given the unusual habitat in this photo and the winter plumage, perhaps it should be called the "Spotless grasspiper"! Playa de Cacao (Feb. 19).

WILLET (?) Playa de Cacao (Feb. 19).

CHESTNUT-MANDIBLED TOUCAN, Playa de Cacao (Feb. 19). This colorful, acrobatic bird was enormous, at least as big as a monkey, but it was at least 80 yards away, hence the low resolution. To see the bright red undertail coverts (which are barely visible here), roll the mouse over the image. (Its head is twisted around in the second image, so that the huge beak points straight up; one eye is visible.) The Keel-billed toucan, found in northern and eastern parts of Costa Rica, has a multicolored bill but is smaller. (VIDEO: first image)

new GREEN KINGFISHER, Playa de Cacao (Feb. 20). (VIDEO)

Corcovado National Park (southwest)

SCARLET MACAWS in their classic flying pose, Corcovado Nat. Park (Feb. 21). (VIDEO)

new BLACK-HOODED ANTSHRIKE, Corcovado Nat. Park (Feb. 21). What helped me to identify this bird for sure was its habit of rapidly flapping its tail up and down in synchronization to its loud and harsh warbling song. (VIDEO)

Santa Rosa National Park (northwest)

ORANGE-FRONTED PARAKEET, Santa Rosa Nat. Park (Feb. 25). At first I thought these were Crimson-fronted parakeets because of the deep reddish color on their foreheads, but they lack any red color under the wings, which is a definitive field mark of the latter. (VIDEO)

WHITE-THROATED MAGPIE JAY, Santa Rosa Nat. Park (Feb. 25). These long-tailed big birds are noisy and aggressive, like their relatives in North America, but turned out to be surprisingly wary of human beings. If you look closely, you can see the frilly crest on its head. (VIDEO)

WHITE-TIPPED DOVE, Santa Rosa Nat. Park (Feb. 25).

ROADSIDE HAWK, Santa Rosa Nat. Park (Feb. 25). The banded tail (which was not visible in still image previously posted) helped me to identify this species. (VIDEO)

PLAIN WREN, Santa Rosa Nat. Park (Feb. 25).

SQUIRREL CUCKOO, bathing, Santa Rosa Nat. Park (Feb. 25). I must have spent nearly a half hour trying to get a good photo of this big and striking bird. (VIDEO)


new COLLARED ARACARIS, Managua, Nicaragua (Feb. 27). Riding in a taxi through the hot streets of the city, I was appalled when I saw these rare birds trapped in a cramped cage. The vendor scurried away when I raised my camera, obviously feeling guilt for his awful commerce, but I managed to get this shot through the rear window. (scanned print)

new MEALY PARROT, Granada, Nicaragua (Feb. 28). This was a pet bird that was untethered. Raised by hand since it was a chick, it literally considered itself to be part of the family. (scanned print)