April 24, 2004 [LINK]

90th Year at Wrigley

Yesterday was the 90th anniversary of the opening of Wrigley Field, or "Weeghman Park" as it was known back in 1914, when it was the home of the Federal League Chicago Whales. That means when I was born it was younger than I am now. Yikes...

The Braves and Red Sox continued to get revenge against their respective leagues' 2003 pennant winners last night, just like the two rematch series last week, but this time playing away from home. Prompted by seeing the Braves beat the Marlins on TV last night, I went ahead and put a "dynamic diagram" on the Pro Player Stadium page, but that's all for now. Jennifer Lim informs me that Davey Lopes was fired as the Brewers' managers two seasons ago, and I've deleted my erroneous reference to him on the new Miller Park page. D'oh! Well, at least my stadium diagrams are fairly accurate. Thanks, Jennifer!