January 20, 2005 [LINK]

Four years with George!

George in spotlight Not coincidentally, since the President is his namesake, today marks the fourth full year that our canary George has been with us. It was a cold, snowy day when we bought him (on January 20, 2001, of course), and he had to spend a long time cooped up in the cardboard box before we returned home that evening.

"That's George in the spotlight." Since he's such a skilled and accomplished singer, this pose is quite appropriate. I took this picture of him recently, using a mirror reflecting the afternoon sunlight in an unlit room. Princess recently gave up on her latest clutch of eggs, after spending four days beyond the normal three-week gestation period. Extra effort or off-timed biological clock? She and George are now flying "como loquitos" all around the apartment. Duck!