February 8, 2005 [LINK]

Canseco & dope

In today's Washington Post, Thomas Boswell casts doubt on Jose Canseco's allegations about his and others' use of steroids, noting that the former All Star slugger is in a financial pinch and therefore liable to say anything to make a buck: "Whether the claims are true or not, Canseco's motives are so tainted that his charges are doubly suspect." We'll find out the truth eventually.

The Fenway Park page has been updated once again with revised text, two photos kindly shared by new visitor Howard Corday, as well as a 1934 version diagram. (The other diagrams have been tweaked slightly.) Howard told me what I had suspected, that there were temporary bleachers in left field for Patriots football games. Hence, a revised football diagram as well as a 1912 version -- based on photos sent to me from Steven Poppe -- are still pending...