July 8, 2005 [LINK]

Still more bird photos from John

Red Crossbill My brother John just sent me another batch of bird photos, this time from his recent trip to Colorado. As usual, they are spectacularly crisp and clear. The most interesting one is probably this Red crossbill, which would have been perfect if the sun had been at a different angle. To see the rest of them, including great closeups of a Scrub jay as well as a Steller's jay, go to our Photo Gallery page.

All I got lately was this lousy Brown-headed cowbird (click for pop-up) in our back yard. Breeding season is winding down, and males are therefore singing less and less as we enter the summer doldrums of the birding world.

Wednesday's Washington Post had a feature story about the fanatic folks who put in long, miserable days and weeks in the mosquito- and snake-infested swamps of Arkansas and Louisiana in search of the no-longer extinct Ivory-billed woodpecker. To which Jacqueline would reply, "Get a life!" smile