February 19, 2006 [LINK]

South Dakota photos

S. Dakota montage I've posted another page full of old photos from my home state, where I grew up: South Dakota, "The Land of Infinite Variety." It really is, though the changes in scenery are often subtle and gradual. Just make sure the kids have a DVD player or video game to keep them occupied while you're cruising along the seemingly interminable I-90 en route to the Black Hills.

Clockwise from top left: Mount Rushmore, the "Needles" in the Black Hills, the Dakota Dome, Spirit Mound, Old Main at the University of South Dakota, and the Badlands.

Web site revamping

There is a new site map page, which is "amalgamated," to distinguish it from the existing Baseball site map. There is one rather cool feature on it: The photo montage changes at random each time you click on it. Each section on that page has the same background color or pattern as the corresponding section of the Web site. Also, each of the main topical blog pages has a link to the site map page, to make it easier to navigate around the site.