December 13, 2006 [LINK / comment]

Ebbets Field

I've made a minor modification to the 1913 and 1926 versions of the Ebbets Field diagram, based on new data in the latest edition of Green Cathedrals. (I had indicated before that I wasn't sure about the exact shape of the center field.) I'm pretty sure those center field distances (508 and 502 feet, respectively) pertain to the deepest corner, which was slightly to the right of dead center field.

The mail bag

As always, Mike Zurawski is keeping up with news on stadium developments around the country. First, planning for the the future home of the Twins is still in progress, but details about it are slowly emerging: see the Star Tribune. The capacity will be slightly smaller than had been estimated previously: 40,000, rather than [42,000]. Semi-final plans are due in February.

Also, the city of Anaheim is considering various offers by developers who want to build in the parking lots adjacent to Angel Stadium. One option is a new pro football stadium. See the L. A. Times.

Might the Oakland Athletics move to San Jose, after all? Chances are almost nil at this late date, but the San Jose city council has voted funds for a study of needed preparations, just in case the A's change their minds about moving to Fremont. See Mercury News.

Details about the planned improvements to Dolphins Stadium, including artist's renderings, are at: Miami Sun-Sentinel. As far as I can tell, it mostly involves widening the concourses behind the north and south sides, and no changes are apparent inside the seating bowl.

Speaking of football venues, Bruce Orser sent me this link to a page full of text and photos of old football stadiums in Philadelphia, including some that were also used for baseball: