November 30, 2008 [LINK / comment]

Bobby Jindal: GOP's "Obama"?

One of the real bright spots on the Republican horizon is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a young, forthright conservative who combines brains with the ability to get things done. In today's Washington Post it is suggested that Jindal may be the "Republicans' Version of Obama," because of his excellent speech-making skills and his non-European ancestry. Such an association would be an instant turn-off for many Republicans, who frown on celebrity worship and image-consciousness. The last thing we need is to play the "me-too!" game, so the less that is said about his ethnic origins, the better. (I have made a point of de-emphasizing Barack Obama's African heritage, because I think the real question is whether he is the best person for the job, and in any case, I think Americans need to be less obsessed with skin color.)

So, let's not get carried away by pinning all our hopes on Gov. Jindal. I'm sure he will continue to mature and gain experience as an effective government administrator, and in some future election year (not necessarily 2012), I would hope he runs for president. He will have to prove himself just like everyone else, and I truly hope he lives up to our hopes.