May 28, 2009 [LINK / comment]

Zambrano loses it, Cubs win

Even though Carlos Zambrano went berserk and attacked an umpire over a questionable "safe" call at home plate yesterday, the Cubs managed to win. He received a six-game suspension for the infraction, which is pretty mild based on what I heard and saw. Those hot-blooded Latinos! smile Lately the Cubbies have been on a cold streak, losing eight of their last ten games, and have fallen behind the Cincinnati Reds in the NL Central! See

Speaking of which, I'm also ironing out details in a revised early version of Wrigley Field, based on some new information and some old information that I didn't pay close enough attention to.

Bronx demolition update

There are some more photos of the demolition of Yankee Stadium at; hat tip to Mike Zurawski. If you've got broadband and/or are patient enough to wait for big images to load, this page is even better. They are definitely not foolin' around...

And as previously mentioned, there is a new blog on the, as well as a Web site devoted to!