January 21, 2013 [LINK / comment]

Jupiter's "near miss" with Moon

Not really. It might have looked like Jupiter was in a near collision with the Moon this evening, but they are actually over four hundred million miles apart. I was watching the weather on NBC 29 this evening, and thanks to Eric Pritchett, I learned of Jupiter's close encounter with the moon. So, I made use of my new camera to record the astronomical event and had it on Facebook within a few minutes. For some reason, the photographic image doesn't convey the same sense of close proximity as seeing the phenomenon with the naked eye. The real thing really is quite dramatic looking. According to space.com, there won't be another such close encounter between those two heavenly bodies until 2026.

Moon, Jupiter

Jupiter is at the top left, obviously. Click on the photo to see a larger version, and click HERE to see the closeup version that appears when you roll the mouse over.

I wonder what the astrologers are saying about this celestial conjuncture with regard to the beginning of President Obama's second term. Good omen or bad?