November 18, 2015 [LINK / comment]

Strasburg gets back surgery

Now we know why Stephen Strasburg was having so much trouble with tightness in his back last summer: he had a painful skin growth that turned out to be a non-cancerous tumor. He had surgery to have it removed, and hopefully he'll be back to normal next spring. See ESPN.

Zimmermann, Desmond depart

As expected, both Jordan Zimmermann and Ian Desmond declined the "qualifying offers" from the Washington Nationals, which almost certainly means they're about to become free agents. If they accept an offer from another team, the Nationals will get a draft pick from the other team in compensation. See They'll probably both rake in top dollar multi-year contracts, and I wish them all the best -- except when they're playing against the Nationals, of course. They both played like champions for years with the Nats, and they will be remembered fondly.

 Milwaukee County Stadium

(Milwaukee) County Stadium update

I took a quick "detour" in my diagramming work, and make some minor enhancements to the diagrams for Milwaukee County Stadium. That, of course, was the former home of both the Milwaukee Braves and Milwaukee Brewers. It mainly involved the upper-deck and lower-deck diagrams, with the entry portals being bigger and the support columns being much more prominent than before. Also, the bullpens were rendered more accurately in all the diagrams, with the pitching rubbers and home plates shown, among other details.