February 11, 2016 [LINK / comment]

Yankee Stadium II update

Yankee Stadium II

It wasn't high on my list of Coming_Attractions.gif (priority tasks), but I decided to make an update to the Yankee Stadium II diagram, perhaps because it was relatively easy. It's been three years since the last such update, so why not? There are a few notable changes: The arc of the bleachers is several feet broader than before, such that the bullpen in right center field is several feet wider on the right side than on the left side, i.e., the side which is adjacent to Monument Park. That area is now rendered with detail for the first time. Also, the entry portals in the rear of the lower-tier outfield seats are now show. Finally, in the upper deck, the forward (lower) tier of seats is a few feet bigger (about two rows), and the lateral walkway is correspondingly smaller.

I'm hoping to finally see a game at the New Yankee Stadium this summer, so there is a possibility that I will discover additional details that need to be corrected.

Shibe Park tweak

Shibe Park

Soon after completing the updates to the Shibe Park diagrams on January 31, I realized that a few additional corrections needed to be made. In particular the "new" (post-1926) upper deck, the part which extends beyond the infield, was about four feet higher than the "old" upper deck, so all of the profiles have been adjusted to reflect that. Also, the infield grandstand was a few feet longer than I previously estimated,* meaning that the "alley" which lay between it and the extended grandstand was a bit narrower. Unless you're a fanatical purist like me, it's no big whoop.

* That change was based on Bruce Kuklick's fine book To Everything a Season: Shibe Park and Urban Philadelphia, 1909-1976. On page 26, it says that the original infield grandstand was 251 feet long, and 77 feet deep.