December 25, 2020 [LINK / comment]

"Angels we have heard on high"

Angel (Anaheim) Stadium

The Angel (Anaheim) Stadium diagrams have been revised, and what better day to announce it than on Christmas? My original motivation for the revision was to render more precisely the curvature and position of the grandstand where it wraps around the two foul poles, but I made a few other small corrections and added some previously-missing details along the way. One such detail is the peripheral structures on the west (thrid base) and south (first base) sides of the stadium, probably related to ticket sales. There was a big change after 1998. Another detail was the effect of the 1994 Northridge earthquake, as the scoreboard attached to the roof in left field crashed into the upper deck. The "combined" diagram version shows Anaheim Stadium with the rebuilt scoreboard and reduced-size roof, the configuration which lasted from 1995 to 1997, when demolition began on most of the portions of the stadium added in the 1980 expansion. In fact, however, there was no football played at Anaheim Stadium after 1994, so I may change that and add a new 1995 baseball-only version in the near future. Finally, the "Big A" scoreboard tower that was situated beyond the left field fence from 1966 until 1980 is bigger and more accurately rendered than before.

Actually, I posted updated versions of the Angel Stadium diagrams back in September, but made a few minor correction in October and November. Except for one of those versions (which required a trivial fix), they have all been finalized for over a month.

Glo-o-o-o-o, glo-o-o-o-o, glo-o-o-o-o, o-ria, in excelis Deo!

And happy holidays to baseball fans everywhere!

Another blog hiatus ends

We've been down this road before: My sincere apologies for not keeping up with blog and diagram updates since mid-August. Every so often I get stuck in a sort of writer's block. In this case perhaps it's because I got terribly bogged down with work on one stadium that proved to be especially vexing. (You'll never guess which one.) I have answered a few queries from fans, but the backlog of such communications will require much attention, I'm afraid. I do appreciate the efforts people have made to get in touch with me. Also, I've got four months of baseball events including the World Series (and recent "hot stove" news) to catch up on during the final week of this awful year. Hey, anything's possible!