Andrew Clem, Staunton, VA -- Aug 29, 2006 15:22 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 7
I stopped in Detroit in August, 2004, and had a fairly good view from my seat in Section 219 in the near corner of the upper deck. However, the forward corner of the main section of the upper deck (which is one story higher) partially blocked my view of the backstop. Even from this angle, the far corner of the upper deck obstructs part of the scoreboard. I am now thoroughly convinced about the open view of the field as you walk all the way around the main concourse. The Walk of Fame statuary beyond the center field brick wall is a well done tribute to Ty Cobb, Al Kaline, and other Tiger greats of ages past. Pedestrians strolling past center field can catch glimpses of the game. The expansive outfield does make for some interesting plays, such as when Alfonso Soriano crushed a ball that landed at the foot of the 420-foot mark in center field. It would have been a homer almost anywhere else, but here it was just a triple. (And he didn\'t even score.) The fans were friendly, though on the way out I overheard one guy remarking that I had nerve to be wearing a Yankees hat. Official attendance was 25,710, but the stadium seemed barely half full to me. Final score: Rangers 2, Tigers 1.

James Sutton, St. Louis, MO -- Oct 09, 2006 14:09 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 8
Going to Comerica had be be strange for my dad, who gre up in Detroit and used to going to games at Tiger Stadium as a kid. I had been to Tiger Stadium once. My dad and I saw a game in 2000 between the Tigers and my Cardinals. We were lucky enough to have connection in our family and watched the game from a luxury suite between home and third base. I liked how the ballpark is on a human scale, without too many luxury levels. It was very easy to make my way around the park and the concessions were nice too. My only problem was there are too many non-baseball distractions like the faris wheel. For a town so rich in baseball tradition, I was shocked to see these things. Luckily these distractions are kept behind the grandstand and are not distractive if you are watching the game. I was born in Dearborn and lived in the Detriot area until I was 2, and even though I wasn't old enough at the time to become a Tiger fan, they have my AL loyalty. First and foremost I am a Cardinals fan so I was happy to see the Redbirds come out on top in the game.

Simon W, detroit, MI -- Apr 04, 2007 02:37 AM
10 visit(s). My rating: 8
I was one of the people who dreaded the day the Tigers left the corner of michigan and trumbull. I began to feel at home after noticing the flagpole on the field and soon enjoyed the view sans steel pillars. Unforetunately MLB decided the park was too big, and deprived me of the flagpole. I mean it's still there, but it doesn't really mean anything unless it's on the field! That flagpole was the only thing remaining from my earliest baseball memories, and they took it away. That's bogus. Detroit baseball fans love the history and tradition surrounding the Tigers, and having the flag on the field was our thing. Other parks saw their flagpoles leave the field of play, or cease to exist, but ours stayed smack dab on the field. Other than that the park is an excellent place to see a baseball game. The expansive outfield is a nice break from the launching pads that are being built these days and gives comerica a nice shot of charm. The statues past the bleachers are a nice touch, and you can see the field from the entire concourse. Overall an awesome ballpark, but it falls just short of the bar old Tiger stadium set.

Bob W, Ann Arbor, MI -- Aug 09, 2007 10:43 AM
10 visit(s). My rating: 7
Legend has it that the gap in the upper decks on the 1B side was to create a clear view to the field for Tigers owner Mike Ilitch from his ofice in the Fox Theater building across Woodward. The lower section in RF is due to a single level of suites, as opposed to 2 levels on the "higher" side.

Thomas Sertich, Negaunee, MI -- Apr 13, 2012 16:43 PM
4 visit(s). My rating: 9
I think this is the best park in the majors. The group who made this park put there standards really high. Every seat has a great view. Seats on the left side have a tremendous view of downtown Detroit. The food is great and the scoreboard is great. I would rate a 10 if I could but you can only do 1-9.

Zach LaFleur, Fowlerville, MI -- Feb 14, 2014 21:37 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 7
This park needs to be expanded to at least 53000 seats or similar to the old Tiger Stadium! Other than that, it is awesome and the seats in the upper two seating decks are not that far away as many people say! This is due the the inward slant of the superstructure on the outside of the grandstands, similar to Atlanta Fulton County Stadium! D.J. Lee Jones needs to bring his keyboard to the games and play some good ballpark organ music live, however, and not blast all that prerecorded noise where you can't even hear yourself think, or cheer on the Tigers! What we really needed was a cable and slab system either in Comerica, or preferably Tiger Stadium, similar to the rebuilt Yankee Stadium in 1974-75 in order to not have columns, yet have that close in view from upstairs, while also having a nice sized roof over the grandstand! Our roof is far too skimpy over decks two and three, and deck one only has a terrace at the rear that is out of the hot sun!

Brendan R, Portage, MI -- Jul 30, 2017 13:25 PM
4 visit(s). My rating: 8
As a Tigers fan from Michigan, I have been to Comerica Park multiple times. I think it is a great stadium that is majorly underrated. The park has good sight lines, great fans, and offers an excellent view of the Detroit skyline. The two deck setup makes the park feel intimate and close to the action. The park has lots of local food options. Also, it has some unique features, like a carousel and ferris wheel, and an ivy-covered fountain in center field. One minor complaint I have is that the upper deck roof is too small, but that isn't much of an issue. Overall, I think that Comerica Park is a great ballpark.

Shane Schirmer, Medina, OH -- Oct 10, 2019 12:37 PM
6 visit(s). My rating: 7
It's not Tiger Stadium, but for a new ballpark, it's not bad. I like the use of all the Tigers around the park, and the statues and fountain in CF are a really nice touch. All in all, I have enjoyed every time I've visited. Heck, I even met my wife across the street at Hockeytown Cafe!