marc myers, san diego, CA -- Jul 31, 2008 16:50 PM
10 visit(s). My rating: 8
Loved this stadium when it was open like a large horseshoe, nothing was better than baseball in San Diego during a sunny Sunday in the summer time. I first when to the the stadium in 1980 and the Padres where not a great team but as a 8 year kid we would bring in food and drinks and sit in the outfield bleachers ( I remember green wood bleachers in the then open section of the stadium. During batting practice we would climb under the bleacher to get baseballs that had gone down there. Compared to Petco park Jack Murphy was an old park that was way to big to play baseball in but i missed it a lot, Jack Murphy was always great for tailgating before and after the game for the Padres and the SDSU Aztec football games. The most memorable events I ever when to the Stadium for where for 2 playoff games in 1998 against the Astros, when hells bells rang for T. Hoffman it was increadable.

marc myers, san diego, CA -- Jul 31, 2008 16:52 PM
10 visit(s). My rating: 5
I have a few pictures of the JM in 1984 and 1985, how do submit them?

David B, San Diego, CA -- Mar 23, 2013 14:47 PM
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I went to at least 10 games a year from 73 to 81, was a junior padres member, and still have my 1978 all star game cap. The distance behind home plate was definitely over 65', I don't know where you came up with 55'. 70' sounds about right, foul territory was massive compared to PetCo. Spanos family ruined the stadium for baseball with the last expansion.