Mark K, Waldron, MI -- Jul 19, 2007 10:16 AM
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I was a very little kid in 1955, A's vs Indians, Bob Feller pitched,trying a comeback. Minnie Minoso played, recall Jim Hegan as well. Walk up ticket sales on 22nd Ave. green grass,vistors batting practice,white ball,smell of beer,cigars,Dad & Mom &3boys delighted to be there! Apt to see your neighbor in nearby seats..a family place..wonderful memories of that old park. My folks went there to see Blues play when they were first married. George Toma's ground crew kept that field immaculate. GoGo white sox of '59, Kaline,Williams,Mantle,Sievers,Pascual,Berra,so many wonderful players too numerous to mention. Vistor clubhouse seperate from dugout you could see players and talk with them. A's bullpen used to be, before along right field foul line, in center field. cutout in the wall you could see pitchers warming up there. Johnson & Finley horrible owners KC deserved better than they got.Love to write more,space limited thank you for this site..truly enjoy it. How can I write more?

Jeff H, Aberdeen, SD -- Sep 23, 2009 18:54 PM
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First major league game I ever saw was in this stadium in 1969. I remember the stadium well, but can't remember who KC played. Lou Pinella, Amos Otis, and Fred Patek were regulars that year. It was a majestic stadium that sat in an open flat area of old KC where it rose like a mountain surronded by old buildings reflecting the wonderful architecture of the past. I'd give it a 9 but it falls short of the historical parks like Ebbets or Fenway---nevertheless, it was a memory I will never forget. If you like old ballparks you can see some that I have constructed at

Ed Katzman, Chicago, IL -- Aug 01, 2014 12:06 PM
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My first live ML game was here, on the last home game in '62, aged 6. After having seen games only on TV, I remember being stunned at how beautiful the stadium looked from inside, especially the grass. My dad told me that when the Blues played here, there was no fence in RF and outfielders had to try to run up the steep hill to catch a long fly. As I recall beer was 40 cents, a Coke 10. I was jealous because the beer came in a bigger cup and I was thirsty. Binoculars were fairly rare then. I recall we stopped at my grandfather's house to borrow his on the way to the game. My dad would get tickets every time the Yankees can't to town. Unfortunately, since we were so bad, generally Mantle and Maris didn't play. I remember Ken Harrelson from those days. Not nearly the hitter you'd suppose he was given his stories these days as an announcer. While the A's were terrible, I thought the players were all great. Author Bryant's famous BBQ was near the park, I think just down the street outside the RF fence. Many happy memories.

Alan Edmonds, Wilmington, DE -- Sep 18, 2014 20:48 PM
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I saw my first MLB game here in '66 or '67. It was the A's. I remember how absolutely beautiful the park was. Perfect green grass. Green walls and rails and wooden seats. Posts in the way, but who cared. The bullpens down both lines, with small dugouts as I remember. I thought Harvey the baseball rabbit was awesome. Every little bit he would rise out of the ground near home plate and the ump would reload his ball bag. George Toma's amazingly quick ground crew was an attraction as they drug the infield. The crowd was allowed to exit by walking the warning track from the home dugout to a gate in center field. You passed the goats in right field. You'd walk through "back-stage" in center where they stored the batting cage, mowers and other equipment before exiting. The A's and their white shoes left for Oakland. The Royals started a couple of years later and we continued to go to the ballpark until "Royals" Stadium (now Kauffman) opened in 1973. Freddie Patek, Amos Otis, Lou Pinella, Cookie Rojas, Paul Splittorf... I'm glad that stadium will always be my first, treasured memories of MLB. If I close my eyes... I can still feel Municipal Stadium... what a great place.

Mike Y, Paola, KS -- Jan 24, 2020 23:03 PM
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In the '60's my uncle took me to a couple A's games and most of it is pretty vague now but what I do remember is my uncle being directed to park in an older black man's front yard. As I was visiting from a small town 50 miles to the sw I didn't know the area at all but I did get to know the area later on in life when I drove a delivery truck in Kc mo. It seems like there was a sign or a plaque in the lot where the stadium used to be commemorating the stadium. I don't remember the games but I do remember that at the end of the games we were allowed to walk down on the field (we sat behind home plate behind the netting) and walk towards left field where a gate was opened so we could exit. I remember 5 foot high statue of a rabbit (or a bear wife told me she remembers the Shlitz beer bear) which held a basket that the extra balls were stored and it raised and lowered into the ground behind home plate. I've been a lifelong Royal's fan ever since they began in '69.

Stephen Carter, Loch Lloyd, MO -- Jun 13, 2021 09:35 AM
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Attended As game against Cleveland in mid 11960s. Sat in upper deck behind home plate. Drunk guy behind us keep yelling, "he's out of the battery's box," every time Cleveland batter was up. Went to several Royals games there over the years. Saw a triple play against the Royals. Attended a half dozen Chief's games there including Christmas day 1971 overtime loss to Miami. Sat in right field bleachers that day. Everytime I smell cigar smoke I think of that old Stadium.