Andrew Clem, Staunton, VA -- Aug 30, 2006 14:20 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 5
(TEST) I walked around and took photos there in Feb. 1998, a dismal day.

Dean S, Wenonah, NJ -- Jun 19, 2007 23:27 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 2
My son and I visited the site of League Park on June 17, 2007.....the site has even less physical evidence of a ballpark than Andrew's pictures suggest. The old ticket office, once a community center, is just an dilapidated building. I have taken a photograph of the building and nearby historical marker, but there is no indication of any Cleveland Indians history at this site, other than the damaged ticket office building, and the approximately 75 feet of right field brick wall (seen in Andrew's pic). The visit allowed me to show a touch of baseball history to my son (age 20), but everything about the site says " abandoned ". Sadly, our " pilgrimage " lasted only about 6-7 minutes. There was not even a baseball diamond on which to run the bases. Sorry, ballpark geeks, not much to see.

Mike Hoecker, Brecksville, OH -- Jul 26, 2007 21:53 PM
3 visit(s). My rating: 8
Don't know what Dean S was expecting. The park says "abandoned" because it has been for over 60 years. The facade, while old (near 100 years), provides a nostalgic sense of the past. And to be able to walk on exactly the same ground where the Babe hit his 500th home run is an awesome feeling (yes, you can walk the field)! There is also a commemerative plaque (albeit small) which provides a bit of detail on some extraordinary baseball events which occurred at the park. If you're looking for a museum or a perfectly preserved antique ball park, don't waste your time. If you're someone that can "feel" history, it's definitely worth a visit. I took my dad (he's 84) to League Park. He'd been there many times before, having lived his entire life in Cleveland. He remembered seeing Babe Ruth play there. And he told me he thought he could still see it. We walked the field together and it was one of the nicer moments of my life over the past several years.

Bruce B, Lakewood, OH -- Sep 05, 2007 11:22 AM
10 visit(s). My rating: 5
Wow,this place is special to me. I made a local cable documentary on it in 1991 and had the opportunity to interview Mel Harder, Bob Feller and Harry Eisenstadt there. Under the stands (now gone) were the clubhouse remains,which we saw. The City has been playing with the idea of doing something with it for a long time but nothing much happens. The park is, like much of Cleveland, hanging in there. Also, portions of the movie "The Kid from Cleveland" were shot there (the "Spring Training" segments). If you haven't seen or heard of this movie- check it out. It stars the 1949 Indians and also Tris Speaker and Bill Veeck and has great shots of Cleveland Stadium too. I feel like League Park is a time machine of sorts and still drive by it on occasion, just to make sure it's still there.

eric rippe, gastonia, NC -- Sep 19, 2007 15:18 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 5
WOW,..... This has got to be an amazing sight.

Tyler Treiber, Uniontown , OH -- Jan 10, 2011 15:36 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 5
I grew up going to Forbes Field in Pittsburgh ...was there on the last day before it closed, with my dad and Grandpa!!! is gone now as well...I pass by the site of League park daily on my commute to work at the VA....I can hear/feel the crack of the bat, when I look at that empty field,very strongly. This is something that I was taught to appreciate, and now I am teaching my sons....I suppose that is why I can hear it so clearly. PLEASE sign the petition to bring this park back....Here>> anyone with memorobilia please contact me at or 216.533.5158

Laurence Howard, Nashville, TN -- Nov 19, 2014 19:05 PM
1 visit(s). My rating: 9
The stadium restoration for League Park is now complete. I was there at the end of the baseball season, and it was open. I was with a couple of friends, and we tossed a ball around for about 30 minutes before an organized event forced us to move off the field. It is beautiful, and if you are a classic ballpark fan, this is a must visit. It would be terrific if the Indians could schedule a late March exhibition game there like the Dodgers and the Red Sox played at the LA Coliseum in 2008.

randy mast, medina, # -- Aug 13, 2015 08:37 AM
10 visit(s). My rating: 6
You forgot that Joe DiMaggio hit in his 56th game at league park. The 57th game was stopped at municipal stadium. The ballpark is now fully renovated with an astro turf field it should be a must see place to go if you are in Clevland

Zach LaFleur, Fowlerville, MI -- Dec 27, 2015 11:31 AM
1 visit(s). My rating: 5
The thing that I don't get about this park (as well as the Baker Bowl) is why didn't they just put the diamond at one of the ends of a rectangular block and while you have really short foul lines (both of them instead of one super short and one super long) they would have a deep center field (from left center and right center as well)? We have this situation in Lansing at Oldsmobile Park and it worked out really well! For making a grandstand larger, they would have had to build three or four decks instead of only two and have minimal seating in the outfield (or none at all) when a rectangular block is used this way (instead of having the diamond in one corner of it)! I know of only two instances of this being tried at the major league level: the most obvious one is the Polo Grounds in Manhattan and the other forgotten one is the South End Grounds in Boston. Others may have been Lloyd Street Grounds in Milwaukee, Oriole Park 4 and 5 in Baltimore or the original layout of what became Griffith Stadium in Washington? I am sure that there were others, but not in Cleveland, Philadelphia, Boston (Fenway Park), or Brooklyn, which is why you end up with a field such as this.

Jim Kozak, Cleveland, OH -- May 11, 2017 11:48 AM
10 visit(s). My rating: 7
Now League Park is the home field for the John Hay Hornets, a CMSD school. It also hosts a number of other high school games. The renovation is a great success and it is amazing to know that I have thrown a ball where so many of the greats played. Historical feats at the original League Park CY Young threw out the first pitch Babe Ruth's 500th Home Run Addie Joss's perfect game in the World Series Only unassisted triple play in the World Series And the previously stated last game in DiMaggio's 56 game streak. A truely historical ballpark revived to earlier glory

Shane Schirmer, Medina, OH -- Oct 09, 2019 16:59 PM
2 visit(s). My rating: 5
I drive past this place every once in a while. I'm not sure that should count as a visit, but I have actually been out on the field twice, and read the historical marker and such. The neighborhood can be a little dicey, but it seems to have improved since my first visit in 1994. The Ticket office now houses a baseball heritage museum. It's certainly worth a visit, if you're in the area.