Wes K, Franklin, TN -- Oct 05, 2007 20:22 PM
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I may be crazy, and I was only 10 in 1961 when I was there, but I loved my experience at this park. I sat in the left field bleachers right in front of the net. I was probably closer to home plate than the average left fielder is in today's parks. I saw the Dodgers play a doubleheader with Cincinnati in late summer 1961. LA was a game ahead of the Reds, and the Reds not only beat them twice to regain the lead, they shut them out both games! In the first game, Frank Robinson hit a towering homer well over my head and well up into the left field seats. It must have been a good 450 feet. In the second game, Gene Freese hit a shot that just barely cleared where the netting tapered down where the left field wall met the start of the fence. There must have been about 75K in attendance for the Doubleheader, and there were still empty seats.

Wes K, Franklin, TN -- Jan 10, 2008 17:24 PM
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I have heard rumors that the Dodgers are thinking about playing an exhibition game here in 2008 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of baseball in Los Angeles. If this does happen, I certainly hope it is on ESPN.

Alireza A, Los Angeles, CA -- Feb 17, 2009 22:06 PM
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No one, at least no one in Los Angeles, calls the place "Memorial Coliseum." It is "The Coliseum", "L.A. Coliseum" or "Los Angeles Coliseum." Indeed, the official name is Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The whole thing. If anything, the official name or Los Angeles Coliseum should be used. Other than the name thing, I love the site and all the histories and reviews you give.

Jeffry Schneider, Houston, TX -- Feb 25, 2016 21:25 PM
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My first game was in 1958, I was 9. Entry into the Stadium is through long tunnels which are at street level on the outside, but about 50 feet above the field on the inside. The first time I walked in and saw that huge field spread before me, I was awestruck. I haven't been there in 40 years but I bet I'd feel the same way today. Some memories: A game vs. the Braves. Before the game I was able to go on the field and had my scorecard signed by stars Duke Snider, Gil Hodges, Don Newcombe, Warren Spahn, Hank Aaron, Eddie Matthews and some kid named Koufax. I still have pieces of it; At a game vs. the Cubs, Ernie Banks hit a line drive foul ball which broke my mother's hand. I was angry for years that she didn't catch it for me; Duke Snider night where he hit two HRs and missed a third by inches. The parking was awful. Probably still is.