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D.C. government officials said they want a unique design for the new baseball stadium, and this certainly qualifies as unique. Most notably, it consciously avoids imitating the neoclassical "retro" stadiums built since 1992, in particular the recent fad of very tight foul territory. Given that there is ample room in the plot of land designated for the new stadium (bounded by South Capitol Street, N Street S.E., First Street S.E., and P Street S.E.), there are no real constraints imposed upon the stadium design. My proposed design emphasizes three general qualities: open views of the Washington skyline, creating an unparalleled ambience; a small "window" to entice passersby and integrate the ballpark into the surrounding neighborhool; and finally, a simple, distinctive overall form (hexagonal) that meshes well with the intended functions of enhancing spectator convenience and making the game play more interesting. In my view, it would further the purpose of integrating the new stadium into the neighborhood if some of the existing townhouses on the south side of N Street S.E (beyond the left field bleachers in this diagram) would be preserved. The map below shows the location of the proposed stadium site, overlaid with my proposed stadium design.

Specific design elements:

The stadium site

Proposed new D.C. stadium map
SE DC stadium site

RIGHT: The corner of Half St. and O St. SE, where a Volvo repair shop and an artist studio are located. Nearby are Metro bus yards, a recycling center, a cement plant, some run-down row houses, bars, and the Federal Center Southeast office building complex. Home plate would be about 30 feet to the right of that big tree on the right side of this photo.


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