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Baltimore, 2006

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Urban scenery

Clockwise, from top left: The National Aquarium (as seen from the top of the World Trade Center; note the WWII submarine); a water taxi departs from the Inner Harbor; Public Works Museum; and some of the shops at the Inner Harbor. (from video)

Inner Harbor montage

Jacqueline, seated at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The USS Constellation is in back.

Jacqueline at Baltimore Inner Harbor, volcano

The USS Constellation is anchored in the Inner Harbor (as seen from the top of the World Trade Center).

USS Constellation, Inner Harbor, volcano

Baltimore's Washington Monument, next to the Peabody Institute, about one mile north of the Inner Harbor.

Washington Monument (Baltimore)

National Aquarium

A small sampling of the eye-popping wonders at Baltimore's National Aquarium: Tropical fish, coral, and sea anenomes. Suggestion: Arrive early in the morning to make sure you get tickets to see the dolphin show. (from video)

Tropical fish, coral, and sea anenomes

Besides the dolphins, sea turtles, rays, and (one) crocodile, many turtles, fish, and sharks are on display, but most of them are in dim light not suitable for photographs. (from video)

Dolphins, sea turtles, rays, and crocodile

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

The main entry to Camden Yards, on the southwest.

Camden Yards main entry

Camden Yards as seen from the top of the Baltimore World Trade Center. The B&O warehouse is in front.

Camden Yards from World Trade Center

Eager baseball fans, many of whom traveled from New York to see the Yankees, head toward the southeast entrance. On the right are the Bromoseltzer clock tower and the B&O warehouse.


A larger version of this dedication plaque once adorned the south side of Memorial Stadium.

"The citizens of the state of Maryland dedicate this memorial to all veterans who so valiantly fought and served in our nation's wars with eternal gratitude to those who made the supreme sacrifice to preserve democracy and freedom throughout the world."

(Italics added.)

Camden Yards dedication plaque