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South Dakota,
July 2006

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ABOVE: Panoramic view of the Missouri River Valley, from south to southwest, seen from the bluff. The Vermillion River is in the foreground. CLICK ON THIS IMAGE to see a zoomed-in view of the upper left portion (indicated by brackets) of the above panorama, taken from the same vantage point, showing the cliffs on the Nebraska side, about five miles away. The Missouri River is visible (barely) in the right center of the zoomed-in view.

The long-awaited but still lightly-trafficked bridge over the Missouri River, about five miles south (and a bit west) of Vermillion. Built in 1998 or so, it represents pork barrel politics at its finest!

Observation deck and bike path rest stop along the Vermillion River, on the south edge of town. Courtesy of the local Rotary Club. I met two local bird watchers there. The bridge in the background can be seen (barely) in the right center of the panoramic view at the top of this page.

Prentis Ballpark, home of the Vermillion Red Sox. The grandstand was torn down two years ago, and has been rebuilt to the exact specifications of the original. The roof does not protect fans from the late afternoon sun, however, and on this particular day of temperatures in the upper 90s, most fans took refuge in shady areas of grass. The press box is visible on the right.

Downtown Centerville, a sadly typical declining farm community about 25 miles north of Vermillion.

Bumper corn and soybean crops, just south of Centerville.

The ornate Odd Fellows building in downtown Elk Point, about 15 miles southeast of Vermillion. Many new houses are under construction: a "bedroom community" in the making.

Seven-striped (or Thirteen-lined) ground squirrel, otherwise known as a "gopher," at the Bluffs Golf Course in Vermillion. See the University of Michigan's Animal Diversity Web, and the movie Caddyshack.

Beautiful old Gothic-style church near Volin, South Dakota.