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Chicago, 2008

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Two baseball stadiums in two hours! (October 4)

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Wrigley Field,
home of the Cubs (the day after they lost Game Two of the NLDS to the Dodgers, right here).

U. S. Cellular Field,
home of the White Sox. (Photo taken from the train, the day before they won Game Three of the ALDS against the Rays, right here.)

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Wrigley Field, from the southeast corner

Chicago landmark scenes (October 4)

Classic example of mid-20th-century heavy industry in Gary, Indiana, located southeast of Chicago, and made famous by the movie The Music Man.
(Taken from the train.)

Gary, Indiana industry

The Dan Ryan expressway (I-90 / I-94), with the Chicago skyline in the distance. The John Hancock building is visible in the left-center (the dark one), but the Sears Tower is obscured by two light poles on the left.
(Taken from the train.)

Chicago freeway, skyline

The grand but underutilized old central lobby of Chicago's Union Station, the hub for most long-distance AMTRAK trains, and terminal for the Chicago-area METRA commuter trains.

Chicago Union Station

The Adams Street bridge across the Chicago River. Two other bridges in the background are being raised to let large boats through. In 1900, engineers managed to reverse the flow of the then-polluted river away from Lake Michigan and toward the Mississippi Basin, via a newly-built canal southwest of the city.

Chicago River bridges

One of the many elevated trains, which are characteristic of Chicago.

Chicago elevated train

The famous "flamingo" (?) sculpture by Alexander Calder at the Federal Plaza, in the heart of "The Loop" downtown district.

Chicago - Calder's flamingo sculpture

The Sears Tower in Chicago, built in 1973, just after the World Trade Center. It was the tallest building in the world until 1998. In the foreground is the gate house on the Jackson Street Bridge over the Chicago River. The plaque says,

"Erected 1915 by
The Sanitary District of Chicago
-- Board of Trustees --"

Chicago Sears Tower