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South Dakota, 2008
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University of South Dakota, in Vermillion

The Dakota Dome, home of the University of South Dakota Coyotes football and basketball teams. (October 8)
Compare to:
Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets.

Dakota Dome, from the east

Inside view of the Dakota Dome, as the USD marching band welcomes the football team onto the field, on Dakota Day (homecoming), Oct. 11, 2008. Student attendance was lower than I expected.

Dakota Dome, marching band and football team

The Dakota Dome main grandstand, almost filled to capacity (about 10,000) for Dakota Day.

Dakota Dome grandstand

Old Main, the original building at the University of South Dakota built in 1883, and restored in 1997. Note the statue of Dr. William O. Farber at lower left. (Oct. 20)

USD Old Main

East Hall, University of South Dakota. (Oct. 20)

USD East Hall

The former Law School building at the University of South Dakota, which housed the Government Department until the late 1960s. A new Law School building was completed in 1981. (Oct. 20)

USD East Hall

Statue of Dr. William O. Farber, the gregarious and enthusiastic chairman of the Department of Government (later Political Science) at the University of South Dakota for 38 years. He inspired generations of students, was a mentor of Tom Brokaw, and passed away in March 2007 at the age of 96. (Oct. 20)
The inscription at the base reads:

To My Students

"Public service is the noblest of professions. To serve well, one needs the background to know, the vision to see, and the will to do. The keys to a happy and worthwhile life are participation, a concern for others, and a goal of making the world a better place to live.
Think of the possibilities!"

William O. "Doc" Farber

Statue of Dr. William O. Farber

NBC's Tom Brokaw lecturing about the upcoming presidential elections at the University of South Dakota's Neuharth Media Center. (Oct. 28)

Tom Brokaw, lectern

After the lecture, Brokaw chatted with his former professor, Dr. Alan Clem.

Tom Brokaw, Alan Clem

Rural scenery, South Dakota (& Nebraska)

View toward the southeast from the 13th tee of the Bluffs Golf Course, in Vermillion. It's a dog-leg to the left, and a drive hit too far might end up in a sand trap. Roll mouse over this image to see the view from the bottom looking up. (Oct. 8)

Bluffs Golf Course view, from the 13th tee

Informational kiosk at Spirit Mound, a prominent landmark on the flat prairie that was once a holy place for the Sioux Indians, and was visited by Lewis and Clark during their cross-continent expedition in 1804. (Oct. 18)

Spirit Mound, kiosk

Alan (patriarch) and John Clem at the scenic overlook at Ponca State Park, Nebraska, with Elk Point, South Dakota in the distance. (Oct. 25)

overlook at Ponca State Park

Sign protesting the proposed Hyperion oil refinery in Union County, South Dakota. (Oct. 27)

Vote NO Hyperion

Mulberry Bend overlook, in Nebraska; Vermillion, South Dakota is on the other side of the Missouri River, four miles to the north. Roll mouse over this image to see the view from the bottom looking up, showing the bridge that was completed in 2001. (Oct. 25)

Mulberry Bend overlook, Missouri River bridge