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Spring 2008

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Palm Sunday. Clockwise, from top left: Emmanuel Episcopal, Second Presbyterian, Trinity Episcopal, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic, Ebenezer Baptist, Augusta Street Methodist, and Central United Methodist. All of these churches are located in downtown Staunton. (Mar. 16)

The town of Sugar Grove, West Virginia, lies just beyond the gap. The mountain ridge in the background is the Virginia state line, and that white stuff around the top is snow! (Mar. 16)

Ornamental crabapple tree in full bloom at Sweet Briar College. (Apr. 2)

Augusta County GOP mass meeting, April 10, 2008. LEFT: Dr. Larry Roller, the winner by a landslide. In the background is Chris Green, who was nominated by Jim Bailey to serve as Temporary Secretary. RIGHT: Dr. Kurt Michael, the second-place winner. In the background are two members of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors: David Beyeler and (in striped shirt) Larry Howdyshell. (NOTE: Dr. Roller's election was subsequently invalidated by higher-level party committees.)

Locust flowers, in Montgomery Hall Park, May 17.

Staunton, Virginia, from the southwest side. Downtown and Mary Baldwin College are on the left, the Stonewall Jackson Hotel is on the right side of the big tree, the former Staunton Correctional Center is on the middle right, and Betsy Bell Hill is on the far right. (May 22)

Staunton panorama May 2008