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Midwest 2009
 (August 1 - 15)

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Click on the camera icons (camera) on the left side of each caption to see each photo, one by one.

Midwest montage, August 2009

camera Maritime Museum on Lake Erie, Vermilion, Ohio.

camera Magee Marsh visitors center, Ohio.

camera Niobrara River, Nebraska.

camera Windmill, shacks, Nebraska.

camera Platte River nature center, Nebraska.

camera Court house, grain elevators, Ord, Nebraska.

camera Court house, St. Louis, Missouri.

camera Tobacco plants closeup, Kentucky.

camera Tobacco harvesting, Frankfort, Kentucky.

camera Old Crow distillery, Frankfort, Kentucky.

camera Kentucky State Capitol, Frankfort.

camera "Cash for codgers," Glencoe, Kentucky. smile

City skylines, etc.

Pittsburgh skyline north

camera Pittsburgh, north side. camera Louisville, west side. camera Cincinnati, south side. camera Arch over Interstate 80, Nebraska.