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Spring 2015:
Sweet Briar College,
Bridgewater College, etc.

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Bridgewater College baseball field, Flory Hall

hand point down Bridgewater College

camera Bridgewater College -- Flory Hall. (Feb. 3)

camera B.C. McKinney Center. (Feb. 3)

camera B.C. baseball diamond, field. (Mar. 19)

camera B.C. baseball outfield, Flory Hall. (Apr. 23)

camera B.C. football stadium. (Apr. 23)

camera B.C. football practice, Ninenger Hall. (Apr. 23)

hand point down Sweet Briar College

hand point down Charlottesville

Panoramic views

Bridgewater College west panorama

camera The east side of Sweet Briar College, snow. (Feb. 23)

camera Bridgewater College west panorama. (Apr. 23)


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