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Guatemala, 1989

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Rainbow Guatemala montage

camera Metropolitan cathedral, on the central plaza.

camera National Palace, on the central plaza.

camera Arch over a busy street in downtown Guatemala City.

camera Antigua Guatemala, "Volcano of Water" (or Fire?).

camera Central plaza of Antigua Guatemala.

camera Ruins of a colonial-era monastery in Antigua Guatemala, "Volcano of Fire" (or Water?).

camera Cultivated hillside north of Antigua.

camera Lake Atitlan, and the tourist mecca of Panajachel.

camera Palatial museum building at Quetzaltenango.

camera One of the pyramids at Zacaleu.

camera The central acropolis at Tikal.

camera "Temple #1," the tallest pyramid at Tikal.

camera Rebuilding one of the Tikal pyramids.

camera Turkey