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War montage

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camera German 150mm howitzer, Staunton

camera Armored car, parade in Staunton

camera M-60 tank, in Dayton, VA

camera U.S. 105mm light howitzer, Staunton (June 2019)

camera Soviet T-34 tank camera Soviet T-54 tank
camera German Pz-IV tank
camera U.S. M-4 tank, camera M-60 tank
(Tank Museum in Danville, VA; Sept. 2022)


camera The Pentagon in October 2001, showing the damage from the 9/11 attacks the month before.

camera CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier at dock in Norfolk.

camera DD-933, USS Barry, a retired destroyer at dock in the Washington Navy Yards.

Pentagon Oct. 2001