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(mostly from 1987)

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Animal montage

camera Devils Tower, in eastern Wyoming near the Black Hills. (This photo is from July 1987, as are the next seven.)

camera Hot springs near the north edge of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

camera Mount Rainier, Washington. Spectacular! My friend Dave Heikes and I hiked there for a few miles.

camera Mount Saint Helens, Washington. Still smokin', seven years after the big eruption. I hiked in the desolation.

camera Crater Lake, Oregon. I rode my bicycle all the way around it, about 38 miles, at an altitude of 8,000+ feet.

camera San Francisco. The view from the top of famous zig-zag Lombard Street. Coit Tower is on the left.

camera Colorado National Monument, near Grand Junction.

camera Cliff dwellings of the "Anasazi" people ("the ancient ones"), Mesa Verde National Monument. (1990)

camera Waterfall in Rocky Mountain National Park. (July 1992)