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List updated: 16 Feb 2010

Stadiums by city:

Major leagues:
Minor leagues, etc.

NOTE: For teams that do not associate with a specific city, the respective state or region is shown in parentheses.
* (asterisk): recent stadium name change
# : Stadium located outside the city limits.

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Stadium comparisons

The following reference pages display graphical and/or statistical information on baseball stadiums in a variety of formats:

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MLB franchises

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Baseball archives

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Political info, essays, etc.

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Political archives, etc.

Topical archives:


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War archives, etc.


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Wild Birds archives

"Nuestros hijos"

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Home Birds archives

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Photo Galleries

Click on this image to see more random samples of the photo montages on this Web site. Some of the montages as shown here may be slightly distorted to fit the available space.


Nature (other than birds)


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Latin America

Latin American countries:

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Latin America info.

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Latin America archives

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