January 12, 2005 [LINK]

Back to McCormick's Farm

Tufted titmouse I joined yet another Augusta Bird Club trip to McCormick's Farm led by YuLee Larner this morning. It was balmy, as it has been recently, though mostly cloudy. Our most notable sighting was five Gadwalls, which are a rather plain looking duck. If my records are correct, this was only my second sighting of that species, the first being in 2001. I also saw both Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned kinglets, Downy woodpeckers, Red-bellied woodpeckers, Belted kingfisher, and a Red-tailed hawk. We were startled to see two Carolina wrens (obviously males) locked in mortal combat, clutching each other by the feet and rolling around in the underbrush. One pecked at the other quite viciously, and we tried to break it up. The first sign of mating season!

After I got home, this Tufted titmouse appeared outside our window.