October 20, 2007 [LINK / comment]

New stadium in D.C.

New DC Stadium Now that the 2007 regular season is over for the Washington Nationals, we can look ahead to what's in store for the "D.C. 9" in 2008. Accordingly, I've finished preliminary work on the new D.C. stadium diagram, which will probably be revised a few more more times before it officially opens next spring, as new photographs and information become available. What is striking about the new ballpark is the virtual lack of overhang between the first and second decks, whereas the second deck is almost entirely covered by the third deck. I don't know why they didn't extend the second deck forward by about 20 feet. For the time being, I've decided to treat the split-level upper deck as a single deck, but I may reconsider later on. (It's the same ambiguous configuration as in the upper decks of Great American Ballpark and Citizens Bank Park.) I'll wait until later before adding the warning track and the various accouterments beyond the outfield. In 2009, the cherry trees behind the left field fence should be well enough established to begin blooming, which will be a wonderful sight on Opening Day. It will be very interesting to see all the details fit into place as construction of the new stadium nears completion.

Labor unions in the Washington area are filing a grievance against the city government for failing to live up to the local-labor provisions of the stadium funding agreement. No doubt, many of the workers at the construction site are, ahem, less than fully "documented."

Teaching duties and other responsibilities have kept me from doing as much diagram work as I would like, but I will continue, little by little, until all the stadiums are fully revised, corrected, and standardized. Thanks again for your patience.

new D.C. stadium

I took this photo on August 7, when I was visiting the Washington area. It was a very hot and hazy day.

I've been wondering when they are going to name the new stadium, and it looks like it might not happen until 2009. Apparently, the Nationals owners are hoping they can get a higher bid after the new stadium proves itself to be a success in drawing fans. See sportsbusinessjournal.com; hat tip to Mike Zurawski. I'm betting it will be called "GEICO Park."