New D.C. Stadium
Future home of the Washington Nationals

Proposed new D.C. stadium

DYNAMIC DIAGRAM: Roll mouse over the diagram to see a proposed alternative design.

Vital statistics:
Lifetime Capacity Outfield dimensions (feet) Behind home plate Fence height The Clem Criteria (prelim.):
Built Status LF LC CF RC RF Field
Loc. Aesth. Overall
2008 u.c. 41,222 336 377 403 370 335 58 TBA 5 6 5 7 7 6.0

There was one non-negotiable condition under which Major League Baseball would approve the relocation of the Montreal Expos to Washington D.C.: the city government had to agree to fully fund a new stadium with all the modern amenities and at least 40,000 seats. After a series of bizarre political maneuverings between the Mayor's office and the D.C. Council, final approval of a revised deal was reached at the last minute in March 2005, mere weeks before the new Nationals team was scheduled to begin playing. As soon as the sale of the Nationals franchise was consummated, construction began in May 2006.

Note that the outfield dimensions are subject to change as construction nears completion. The playing field will be about 15 feet below street level.

Various industrial buildings, run-down row houses, bars, a Volvo repair shop, an artist studio, and a recycling center used to be located on this site. Nearby are (or were) Metro bus yards, a cement plant, and the Good and Plenty carry-out / eatery. The Federal Center Southeast office building complex and the historic Navy Yards are situated on the east side.

SE DC stadium site

ARTIST'S RENDERING (click to see) Used with permission of the D.C. Sports and Entertaiment Commission. (March, 2006)

PHOTO #1 (click to see) The old neighborhood at Half St. and O St. SE, about where the diamond will be situated. (Oct. 3, 2004)

Under construction:

PHOTO #2 (click to see) The construction site as demolition was nearing completion. The tip of the Capitol dome is visible on the left. (June 6, 2006)

PHOTO #3 (click to see) The grandstand in the right field corner (southeast side). (Dec. 31, 2006)

PHOTO #4 (click to see) The exterior side of the grandstand behind home plate (southwest side). (Dec. 31, 2006)

PHOTO #5 (click to see) The grandstand in the left field corner (northwest side). (Aug. 5, 2007)

WEB CAM VIEW (click to see) of construction site, June 2006. (Used with permission of OxBlue.)

PHOTO #6 (BELOW) Panoramic view from the northeast side. (Aug. 5, 2007)

Panoramic view of construction site


Vox populi: Fans' impressions

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