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Dan Clem -- Omaha, NE -- Sep 04, 2006
Hi Andy!

Gus M. -- New York, NY -- Sep 04, 2006
Great site you have here, I visit it several times a week.

Alan Bluestone -- Brooklyn, NY -- Sep 04, 2006
Thanx for a wonderful site -- particularly for us ex-pat Nats fans.

Mark London -- Palatine, IL -- Sep 04, 2006

Al Kara -- Elkhorn, WI -- Sep 05, 2006
Greetings baseball fans! This is a wonderful site and I'm glad I found it. Go Sox!

matt ereth -- akron, OH -- Sep 06, 2006
it is a cool site shows diagrams of stdiums

Chris Jackman -- Columbia, MD -- Sep 08, 2006
I'm a big fan of your site, as you know from our email conversations. BTW- I started doing architectural drawings of stadiums when I was 10 or so. My skill improved with several architecture classes in HS and @ the University of Maryland. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or my Microstation software at this time. I enjoy your site and it motivates me to start up again.

Mike Paterno -- Gaithersburg, MD -- Sep 09, 2006
I love this website! The diagrams and information about the ballparks from the past is especially wonderful. Although I root for the D-Rays (I used to live in St. Pete), I also have a soft spot in my (head) heart for the White Sox. I do go to a lot of Nats games, but my favorite game this year was when I saw the D-Rays beat 'em on a Friday night (I also went to the Sunday game where the Nats won). I do plan on getting off my butt in the near future to sponsor the Tropicana Field page as soon as I can figure out Paypal....

Wiliam Soto-Castellanos -- Pinole, CA -- Sep 10, 2006
I worked for the San Francisco Seals from 1951 till the end of the '57 season. I was a batboy, ballboy and Visitors' Clubhouseman. I can remember every square inch of the place. I had the luxury of sleeping in the First Aid Station over night on a Friday in order to be at work early Saturday for a day game. It was historic with many innovations, for example, the Seals' were the first ball club to employ attractive and intelligent female ushers, called ushettes. I have much more information if anyone is interested. Feel free to contact me via e-mail.

Wesley Johnson -- Kansas City, MO -- Sep 11, 2006
I love seeing how stadiums (stadia?!) have changed over the years, especially when I hear people consistently talking about cheap shot homers in Minute Maid (yeah, in the Polo Grounds where the "shot heard round the world was "blasted" over the 279 foot sign). It's also interesting to see how Ty Cobb got so many inside the park home runs in the 480 foot fences of old.

John Fensom -- Sible Hedingham, UK -- Sep 13, 2006
Hi Andrew, Many thanks for such a great website. I am a UK based baseball fan (seen games at 9 stadiums so far .... so plenty more to go). There is now very good coverage of baseball in the UK thanks to the NASN (nasn.com) tv channel. John

Barry Grey -- Los Angeles, AL -- Sep 17, 2006
I visited the remnants of League Park in mid-September, 2006 and felt like I was visiting a holy shrine. Little remains of the ballpark, except the former ticket office, an exterior wall and a few other faded reminders. But to stand on the spot where Ray Chapman played short, or where Wamby performed the (still only) unassisted triple play in World Series history, or to look at the fence the Babe cleared for his 500th homer -- it was inspiring. Well worth the drive down to 66th and Lex.

chris green -- Staunton, VA -- Sep 19, 2006
You'll enjoy comments

James Sutton -- St. Louis, MO -- Sep 19, 2006
I enjoy your wealth of info on this site. I have done extensive research on Busch II with diagrams that I would love to share. I am sure it is more info and diagrams that you'd care to post but I will still enjoy sending it. GO CARDS!

james sutton -- St. Louis, MO -- Sep 20, 2006
I am not sure why my original registration did not show up.

Don Craig -- Marietta, GA -- Sep 21, 2006
The site looks great!

Mark London -- Palatine, IL -- Sep 21, 2006

Jeff Lego -- Bradenton, FL -- Sep 21, 2006
Great site!

Ronald Theriot -- LaPlace, LA -- Sep 26, 2006
I am a Southeastern Louisiana University Lions baseball season ticket holder.

Sean Fox -- Pittsburgh, PA -- Sep 29, 2006
Been coming to this site for quite some time now and decided it was about time I finally registered.

michael Fronda -- Montreal, AL -- Oct 01, 2006
Yankee Stadium diagrams are awesome, but there is one tiny error. The distance to the LF bullpen area was 387 ft in 1976 (after the renovation). It was shortened to 379 after the fences were drawn in 1985. The distance is not clear now since the those markers (including the 353 in RF) have been removed. I suspect it's even closer these days, but that's just a hunch.

Sam Leverenz -- St. Louis, MO -- Oct 15, 2006
Hey, I'm Sam, and am a rabid Cardinals Fan. How could any one dislike them? Albert Pujols is undoubtedly the best player in all of baseball. Who else is more consistent?

Frederick Nachman -- Chicago, IL -- Oct 15, 2006
Our family dates its White Sox fandom back to the Black Sox days. I've been lucky enough to see Game 1 of both the 1959 and 2006 World Series. I'm 2-0, but wish I there would have been more World Series games on the South Side over the years.

Bryan Justman -- Modesto, CA -- Oct 30, 2006

Charles Binder -- Woodland Hills, CA -- Nov 05, 2006
I attended dozens of Cardinal's games. I sat in every section of the park except the pavilion (right field). I got lower deck reserved from my uncle who worked for the Globe Democrat and knew sports editor Bob Burns. But, I sat most times anywhere from foul pole to foul pole, upper deck general admission. On my one and only trip to the bleachers one hot steamy afternoon we were allowed to move to the shelter of the grandstand during a warm downpour. My most exciting memories were of Stan the Man parking the pitch on the pavilion roof or launching one over the roof onto Grand Avenue.

Andeo Kroulz -- Korom, AL -- Nov 11, 2006
Nice site! I've enjoyed visiting it. Thanks for ur work.

Stas Manel -- Holbrook, NY -- Nov 13, 2006
I can never forget our BUMS

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