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Spring 2013:
Central Virginia,
Staunton, etc.

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Click on the section headings hand point down below to display (OR to hide) the respective menu of photos, and then click on the camera icons (camera) to see each photo. (Panoramas below.)

Staunton downtown, MBC

hand point down Nelson & Albemarle County *

hand point down Lynchburg & vicinity

camera Lynchburg City Hall. (3/28/13)

camera Lynchburg Circuit courthouse. (3/28/13)

camera L-burg Juvenile & Domestic Relations court. (3/28/13)

camera Lynchburg Federal District courthouse. (3/28/13)

camera First Baptist Church. (3/28/13)

camera Central Virginia Community College. (3/28/13)

camera Liberty University baseball field, CVCC. (4/9/13)

camera Liberty University baseball grandstand. (4/16/13)

camera Grace Episcopal Church. (4/9/13)

camera Amherst County courthouse. (4/11/13)

camera Campbell County courthouse. (4/16/13)

hand point down Staunton

camera Covenant Presbyterian Church. (4/13/13)

camera Trinity Episcopal Church, from the south. (4/13/13)

camera St. John's Methodist Church. (4/13/13)

camera Augusta County courthouse. (4/13/13)

camera Sears Hill bridge, below. (4/13/13) ~ camera From above.

camera Downtown, Mary Baldwin College. (4/13/13) ~ camera (eve.)

camera Staunton train station. (4/13/13)

Panoramic views

Lynchburg downtown, James River

camera Lynchburg downtown, James River. (4/11/13)

camera CVCC campus, from Liberty Mountain. (4/16/13)


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